Crypto Basics

What is crypto?

Crypto is a general term referring to blockchain-based digital currencies. The blockchain-based currencies were founded to replace the fiat money system. However, they have failed to gain traction as a unit of account and store of value. Many perceive them as speculative assets. Some cryptos, such as bitcoin, have become the most traded assets. BitVestment tools should help you ride the crypto volatility at an extremely high success rate.

How do I trade crypto?

There are many ways to trade. You can trade your favourite coins directly through exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. Some exchanges allow you to trade cryptos by riding their volatility. Others only support buying low and selling high. Cryptos can also be traded through specialized brokers. These brokers support CFD or derivatives trading. The BitVestment tools make crypto CFD and derivative Trading extremely easy.

What is the best way to trade Crypto?

Fast-paced volatility trading provides the most money-making opportunities when compared to other methods. Volatility trading through CFDs allows you to earn in all market directions. You can use the tools provided under the BitVestment brand for high-quality short-selling strategies. These strategies can help you remain profitable at falling prices.

Is Trading Crypto through CFDs risky?

Yes! all approaches to crypto trading involve risk. The risk is extremely high in fast-paced CFD Trading. BitVestment Provides the tools to minimize trading risk. You can reduce the trading risk by more than 50% by using the tools correctly.