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What is online CFD trading?

Online CFD trading involves the speculation of an asset price swings without owning it. A CFD is a form of derivate traded on the forex, stock, market indices, and commodities.  

A financial broker facilitates trading through trading platforms such as the MT4 and the cTrader. Some financial brokers provide proprietary CFD trading systems. Trading happens through fast-paced trading strategies. The BitVestment tools help you build these strategies. 

Is online CFD trading recommended for beginners?

CFD trading, in general, is complicated. However, some tools help beginners easily build and implement quality strategies.

Some of these tools are offered at a cost, while others are free. We offer superior CFD trading research tools free of charge. The tools under the BitVestment brand can be used across all asset classes. We partner with top-level brokers for quality products and fast order execution.

How do I identify the best CFD trading platform?

The first step toward successful CFD trading is to identify the best trading platform. A good trading platform should offer tools to help you conduct quality trading research.

The tools could be proprietary or provided by third parties. Trading platforms are provided by the broker. We have collaborated with the best CFDs brokers to offer the best CFD trading tools. These tools should help you build quality CFD trading strategies within minutes.

How risky is CFD trading compared to other trading options?

All online trading is risky. The risk is even higher in fast-paced derivatives trading. A CFD is a derivative traded on asset classes such as stock, forex, crypto, market indices, and commodities.

Some tools help you reduce the CFDs trading risk by more than 50%. You can also build risk-hedging strategies to be implemented alongside fast-paced trading strategies.

How do I join BitVestment?

You need to be in a supported country to access BitVestment. We have experienced explosive demand recently and hence minimized the daily signup slots.

You may, therefore, not be able to sign up on the first attempt. Do not give up since you could secure a slot after many tries. Sign up on the official BitVestment website and complete the verification with the linked broker.

How do I manage risk when trading with BitVestment?

Risk management is vital in all online trading. You are likely to fail if you do not have a good risk management plan.

You will access various tools to help you build a risk control plan. The risk management plans developed through our tools have a history of reducing trading risk by more than 60%. You will find the risk management process extremely easy.

How do I automate the daily withdrawals?

You can easily automate the withdrawals to happen daily, weekly or monthly. The withdrawals can also be automated to happen when a certain account balance is achieved.

Navigate to the funds’ Management page on your trading dashboard and click the “Automate Withdrawals” button. Fill out the withdrawal automation form and click and click the “apply” button to confirm.

Does the BitVestment desktop app work on Linux?

The BitVestment desktop app should work on Windows, Mac and iOS. The app is basically a customized MT4 or the cTrader.

The customization includes the integration of our trading tools. It also involves a modification of the user interface to make it beginner friendly. You can also use the BitVestment tools on mobile and the web. You can only access the app download links after completing the registration with us on this page.