Tips and tutorials

Successful Trading requires a high level of discipline. The BitVestment tools help you maintain this discipline. We also eliminate all the sophistication in crypto CFD trading to allow the masses to participate.

While success is highly likely when trading with us, it isn’t guaranteed. But you can improve the chances of success by more than 90% by following the trading tips below. These tips apply in all Trading irrespective of whether you are using our tools or not. The six rules of Trading are explained below.

Trading is a business, not a hobby!

You are bound to fail if you take Trading as a hobby. As mentioned above, Trading requires a high-level commitment and discipline. You need to have clear-cut trading goals and a plan to implement them. Your trading goals must be heavily aligned with your risk appetite. BitVestment provides everything you need to trade like a pro! You only need to follow our guide closely for the best results.

Build a solid trading plan and stick to it

You can’t be disciplined if you don’t have a trading plan. Trading success is highly likely if you build a trading plan and stick with it. Many tools under the BitVestment platform help you build a trading plan and stick to it.

Have a Risk Management Strategy

Every business should have a risk management plan. Trading is business, and hence risk control is extremely important. Your trading risk management strategies should match your trading goals. BitVestment offers the tools to help you develop and implement high-quality risk management strategies.

Do not chase losses

Trading becomes gambling when you allow emotions to take control. You are likely to chase losses when emotions take charge. BitVestment offers tools to help you keep your trading emotions in check.