Top 3 Reasons why BitVestment is the best bet for all your Crypto Trading needs

Superior Performance

For the last ten years, we have offered tools to help traders improve their crypto trading. We have perfected the art and delivered some of the world’s most popular trading tools. These tools have helped traders to perfect their strategies and generate amazing returns. We are working tirelessly to introduce more tools to help you maintain performance in all markets.


Quality Partner Brokers

We provide our powerful tools through the industry’s leading CFDs brokers. These brokers are our link to our esteemed clients. We are proud of the tens of top-level partnerships we have acquired in the last three years. It’s through these partnerships that we have managed to maintain the top position as the best resource for crypto traders.


Verifiable Trading Technologies

One of our core values is transparency. We believe in a trading environment where every participant can monitor the activities in real-time. Such an environment is only possible when trading technologies are verifiable. You can verify the authenticity of these technologies by conducting demo tests.


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BitVestment Features


Powerful Research Algorithms

Crypto derivative trading is sophisticated. You need to implement high-grade trading strategies to expect returns in this market. BitVestment allows you to easily build these strategies. Any trader with the right attitude can master the trading process and build high-win strategies. These strategies are applied through the underlying broker.


Advanced Risk Management Tools

High volatility assets present amazing trading opportunities. However, the bigger the price swings, the higher the trading risk. The BitVestment tools will help you evaluate your risk appetite and build risk management strategies that align with your risk profile. Risk management is a great determinant of trading success.


Secure Trading Environment

The safety of a trading platform is vital given the advancing cybersecurity threats. Nearly 80% of the most sophisticated attacks are directed toward crypto CFDs trading platforms. We ensure the safety of all clients by working with brokers with an amazing safety track record. These brokers implement easily verifiable safety practices.


The Crypto Winter is about to get Worse! How can Traders Maintain Profitability in Plummeting Crypto Prices?

Bitcoin has shown some positive signs in the last few weeks. However, it has shed all the gains in a mini crypto crash witnessed a few days ago.

Crypto analysts predict that the mini crypto crash signifies another massive bear market. The bear market could push bitcoin below the $10,000 mark. This crash is propelled by the growing fears of a major global recession.

The global inflation rates are at their highest levels since 2007. Global economists attribute the anticipated recession to high inflation. Investors should not take the crypto crash warnings lightly. Experts discourage investors from including high-risk investments such as crypto in their portfolios today.

However, traders can turn the crypto winter to their advantage by taking a multi-strategy trading approach. This approach should heavily rely on short-selling to maintain profitability in the crashing markets.

The BitVestment tools help you build effective trading strategies in all markets. These include robust short-selling strategies to trade the bear markets. The most amazing thing is that anyone can use the tools to build these strategies. Moreover, our tools help you build a risk management strategy that aligns with your trading goals. Read on to learn more about BitVestment and how you can use its tools to trade the anticipated global recession.

Massive Trading Opportunities for Short-sellers!

Analysts are predicting an imminent recession amid the rising global inflation. The world’s leading economies continue to report weak data for the third month.

This weak data is sending jitters across the markets, with investors preferring to pack their cash in less risky assets. A report by Bloomberg shows a rapid decline in high-risk investments, including stocks and crypto.

The crypto winter has sent the prices tumbling, with bitcoin shedding 70% of its value since January 2022. Analysts predict that the plummet will continue until the high global inflation rates return to safe levels. The crypto winter is, therefore, here to stay! Long-term investors should brace for it by divesting and saving through bonds.

However, savvy traders have an opportunity to make money from the crash. Expert reports across the globe indicate that short-sellers are making a killing out of the crypto crash. But you don’t have to be a savvy trader to trade this market.

The BitVestment tools will guide you through building and implementing powerful short-selling strategies. Any beginner can use the tools to easily build strategies to short-sell hundreds of CFDs. The implementing broker provides platforms to ensure that these strategies are executed with high precision.

Our tools help you maintain high performance by simultaneously implementing up to 5 trading strategies. This helps you take advantage of all opportunities on the CFDs rollercoaster. Register now to try the BitVestment tools!


Risk Management is the key to Successful Volatility Trading! Build Highly Effective Risk Control Strategies with BitVestment!

The risks of trading the crypto markets keep increasing with the rising volatility. Crypto is the riskiest asset class to trade.

This means that you need effective risk management strategies to trade this market. You can’t expect success in Trading if you don’t apply tested and proven risk hedging strategies. BitVestment provides the tools to build risk strategies that match your risk appetite.

You can build and test these strategies through the provided demo. The demo is available on the broker’s trading resources page. Under the BitVestment, trading resources is a test to help determine your risk appetite.

Your trading goals should be aligned with your risk appetite. The trader’s risk appetite is influenced by their trading psychology and financial status. Trading psychology is defined by the emotions and mental state determining success or failure in trading financial securities.

Your trading psychology is, to a greater extent, influenced by your financial status. Traders with a lower risk appetite should take a less risky approach. Risk is strongly positively correlated with reward.

Taking a low risk per trade reduces the potential profitability. However, you can still build the account into a fortune by compounding all the profits.

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